Housekeeping Services

      "Cleaning is not just removing the dirt, but enhancing aesthetics and increasing assets life."

      BFPL a company with an excellent reputation of outstanding service ensures that your premises look beautiful and pristine along with saving money.Cleaning every thing from the floor to the ceiling small or big they are.

      Our house keepers/cleaning staff is well dressed, trained, skilled & courteous with goal to keep your premises sparkling clean, the way we keep our house a.k.a. ‘house keeping’.

      Housekeeping covers services for cleaning establishments using manpower, materials and equipment. With judiciously mixing good quality of personnel, materials and equipment, we provide impeccable housekeeping services.

We have an in house team of expert supervisors to monitor and review Performance of our ground staff.

Housekeeping Service also include the extensive time & motion studies that enables us to give you accurate estimate of manpower and material required to properly perform your customized service.

Services Offered

  • Housekeeping / Cleaning Solutions for Corporate / MNCs, Industries
  • Pantry and Cafeteria Management.
  • One time Cleaning Package
  • Waste Management / Garbage Disposal.

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